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Accounts Payable

Ohio Shared Services is pleased to continue working with state agencies and Ohio's supplier community to process the following accounts payable transactions:

  • Invoice Management
  • PO and Non-PO Vouchers
  • Voucher Maintenance
  • Voucher Receipt
  • Document Retention

Today, Ohio Shared Services partners with more than 25 agencies in the processing of their agency supplier invoices


Document Retention

As part of our commitment to Service First, Ohio Shared Services continues to focus on document retention through high-speed paperless scanning/imaging. By scanning, paper documents are converted into electronic files, reducing costs by saving paper and time. Today, our partner agencies have the option to submit their invoices and related documentation via e-mail, providing better service and accelerating the process.

For more information on Ohio Shared Services or our invoice processing capabilities, please submit an inquiry via our Contact Us page.

Click here to access all Ohio Shared Services Accounts Payable forms and job aids.